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When someone wins in "very hard" mode the jackpot is halved.

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The objective of this game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden bombs without detonating any of them.

Click on a cell to reveal what's behind. The numbers indicate how many bombs are adjacent to it. This include above, below, right, left, and all the diagonals. Once you have determined there is a hidden mine, place a flag on it.


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Latest matches

# Mode Result Final prize
4355 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4354 Easy Win 10 sat
4353 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4352 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4351 Easy Lose 2 sat
4350 Easy Lose 2 sat
4349 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4348 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4347 Very Hard Lose 2 sat
4346 Very Hard Lose 2 sat

Hall of fame

# Name Mode Result Final prize
4301 anonymous Very Hard Win 263 sat
4227 helix17 Very Hard Win 264 sat
4183 helix17 Very Hard Win 374 sat
4109 helix17 Very Hard Win 341 sat
3989 anonymous Very Hard Win 108 sat
3954 anonymous Very Hard Win 93 sat
3915 anonymous Very Hard Win 96 sat
3910 anonymous Very Hard Win 175 sat
3907 anonymous Very Hard Win 326 sat
3826 anonymous Very Hard Win 167 sat

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